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An inspired, open minded, risk-taking improviser with a pungent tone and a penchant for melodicism…”
Bill Milkowski, – Jazz Times

Hayes Greenfield blows aggressive, hard-edged alto… with an immediate and even adventurous élan.”
Robert Doerschuk, – Downbeat

Hayes Greenfield explores the wide-ranging fields that encompass modern jazz. His alto saxophone sounds off with breathtaking tirades that thrill.”
Jim Santella, – All About Jazz

Greenfield, in addition to being a player of monstrous technical ability, also has a penchant for pushing the artistic envelope, both as a composer and an arranger…when it comes to playing the saxophone, he has few peers.”
Roman St. James,-

Hayes Greenfield’s playing is lucid, bright, shining and at times pure genius.”
J. Anastasio, – ElAadelanto

Hayes Greenfield is a bold, audacious, and incisive saxophonist who loves to take risks.”
Le Music De La Monde

Imagine the urgency of Dolphy, the feeling of Mclean, and the soulfullness of Dexter Gordon, and you will have an idea of the artist Hayes Greenfield.”
Jazz a Paris

Hayes Greenfield’s alto reaches deep emotional depths, almost animated in speech-like phrases.
Tim Price, – Saxophone Journal

Hayes Greenfield is a great!…there is no other word.”
Daniel Chardon, – Jazz Hot

Greenfield is absolutely ferocious … Greenfield gives us fine specimens of bebop alto.”
David Franklin, – Cadence Magazine

Hayes Greenfield, the passionate saxophonist from New York, jubilantly explores the classic bebop repertoire with flawless technique.”
Jazz Magazine

Hayes Greenfield has created a unique organization that embodies his own artistry, creativity, and unique gifts and abilities to communicate and inspire children and adults to get in touch with their own creativity.”
David Wolf, – Small Biz America!

I only wish Hayes had been around in my time…”
Johannes Sebastian Bach, – Leipzig Gazette